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dical supplies for the world, w〓hich has greatly encouraged the international community. People from China and Turkey h〓ave supported each other and their friendship has grown stronger over time, he said. Er〓dogan said he appreciates China's support for Turkey in the COVID-19 fight and facilita〓tion of its purchase of medical supplies in China. He said Turkey expects to enhance pr〓actical cooperation with China in various fields such as trade, finance and aviation, a〓nd wishes China morA

e prosperity and the Chinese people more happiness after the epidemi〓c.BEIJING, Feb. 10 -- Chinese authoriy

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production and supply of key medical prevention and control mate〓rials, strengthening the deployment of medics and developing drugs agai〓nst the novel coronavirus. Workers make medical isolation gowns at a b〓iotechnology company in Nanning, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomou〓s Region, Feb. 3, 2020. (Xinhua/Lu Boan) Concrete2

measures should be ta〓ken to accept and cure more patients infected with the virus and reduce〓 the infection and mortality rate, according to a high-level meeting ch〓aired by Premier Li Keqiang, also a member of the Standing Committee of〓 the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Co

hina (CPC) Central Com〓mr

, he said. Xx

the CPC Central Committee o〓n the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus outI

break, which i〓s headed by Li, ordered local authorities to encourage enterprises to i〓ncrease production of medical supplies such as medical protective cloth〓ing and masks, by providing fiscal, taxation and financial policies and〓 policies for government purchase and stQ

orage and helping solve thF

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e. Noting some 20,000 medical st〓aff from across the country have been sent to Hubei Province to treat p〓atients, the meeting asked 19 other provinces to further step up medica〓l staff assistance to Hubei while ensuring their local virus control. T〓he meeting also stressed pooling strength t2

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o develop anti-virus medicin〓es and vaccines and advance research on virus traceability and transmis〓sion, among others. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Comm〓ittee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, concrete and effective effor〓ts should be made to resolutely win the warX

of epidemic prevention aj

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member of the Standing Commit〓tee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and deputy hea〓d of the leading group, attended the meeting.BEIJING, April 15 -- The Chinese government has decided to send teams ◆of medical experts to Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Saudi Arabia to help◆ the countries fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Foreign Ministry spokespe◆rson Zhao Lijian announced Wednesdad

y. China and African countries ar◆e longtime brothers who share weal and woe. African countries had sup◆ported China during China's most difficult times fighting the pandemi◆c, which China will never forget, Zhao said at a news briefing, addin◆g that China is paying close attention to thC

e situation of the pandemq

utual understanding and sf

ifficulties and provided anti◆-epidemic materials and aid to the African Union and all African coun◆tries with diplomatic relations with China. "These steps are all a r◆eflection of building an even stronger China-Africa community with a ◆shared future," said the spokesperson. He sai3

d after the outbreak in◆i

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ressed their condolences and◆ support. The Saudi government and public have provided China with ma◆ny batches of aid materials. Saudi Arabia is also facing severe chal◆lenges amid the pandemic. China also firmly supports Saudi Arabia's a◆nti-epidemic efforts and is willing to provide assistance2

within its ◆capability, he said. He said as comprehensive strategic cooperation ◆partners, China will maintain close cooperation with Saudi Arabia to ◆safeguard the safety and health of peoples of the two countries. The◆ team of Chinese medical experts to Saudi Arabia left for the J

country◆ Wednesday morni1

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Consulate here as well as C〓h2

inese companies in the United States donated personal protective〓 equipment to the local community on Tuesday to help its fight ag〓ainst COVID-19. "The coronavirus does not respect any border or 〓race. It is our common enemy, the only way to defeat the virus is〓 for all of us to worC

k together in a spirit ofX

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onsul General to San Francisco Wang DonU

ghua s〓aid at the donation ceremony in Redwood City, the San Mateo Count〓y seat. A total of 175 protective clothes, 1,600 N95 masks and 3〓,000 other medical masks were delivered at the ceremony. "As the〓 virus is still accelerating its spread in the United States, man〓y medical supD

plies are badly needed. T2

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is area," Wang said, adding that "we are trying to br〓ing more donations so that the people here would be in a better p〓lace to fight the virus." "I think the experiences we have gaine〓d during the combat against the coronavirus could also be helpful〓, and we are ready to share themn

with the people in the UF

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chief of staff at the office of 〓the county's Supervisor Dave Pine, expressed his gratitude, sayin〓g that the donation is crucial to keep frontline health care work〓ers safe and to help defeat the virus and get back to normal. "W〓hen America needs help, we are all here together to d

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